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100 Nassau Ave, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

JCAB Membership 

The JCAB offers several options for membership. In addition to standard family and individual memberships, the JCAB initiated Magen David, Chai, Bnai Mitzvah and Ner Tamid Memberships that are all conveniently inclusive of dues and annual contributions to our Building Fund, Annual Summer Breeze Dinner, High Holiday Appeal, Kiddush Fund with many other benefits. For more information, please contact our Administrative Director, Barrie Daniels.


See HERE for information about our Enhanced Membership categories.

Annual Dues:

Family Membership - $2,230/year

Single Membership - $1,115/year

Young Family Membership (husband and wife both under 35) - $1,350/year

Young Single (under 35) - $675/year

Full paying members agree to contribute a minimum of $1,500 to the Building fund over a maximum period of five years. This pledge will not be in effect until the second year of membership.

Click Here to complete the JCAB Membership Application online (preferred).

Click HERE for JCAB Membership Application in PDF format.

Mon, May 29 2023 9 Sivan 5783