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100 Nassau Ave, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509


Available Courses — Bureau of Jewish Education

MONDAY @7:30 pm
Join Ricky Magder for "Navigating with Joy." 
Click HERE to Join / Zoom ID 6137702626
TUESDAY @ 9:00 am (October 19)
“Ripped from the Headlines”

Join Rabbi Elie Weinstock for new season of exploring recent headlines through a Jewish perspective.  This week: 
The Rise of the Intactivists: The Challenge to Brit Milah.”
Suggestions welcome. Click HERE to join or Zoom ID 95037112788
WEDNESDAY @ 7:30 pm (October 20)
Meaningful Mitzvot: Sefer HaChinuch Class 
This class will study the classic collection of commandments with an eye to understanding the text and practical applications. This week: “Mitzvah # 2: Brit Milah”
Hosted by Alex Yusupov (1459 Bay Blvd). 

THURSDAY @ 8:00 pm October 21 in the JCAB Beit Midrash
Ramer Family Sefer Shmuel Shiur 
Join Rabbi Lefkowitz for an in-depth study of the timeless life lessons from the Navi
Zoom option available.  Zoom ID 950 231 3446;  Passcode: meeting 


SHABBAT @ 11:30 am:
"Parsha" with Edward Karan at the home of Edward Karan & Dana Federbush
(1697 Bay Boulevard).



Sun, October 17 2021 11 Cheshvan 5782