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100 Nassau Ave, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509

                              Shavuot 2024

Shavuot with the JCAB – June 11-13
Celebrate the 3,336th anniversary of Sinai!
See HERE for the full holiday schedule
See HERE for Tikun Leyl schedule
Highlights include: 
- Sweets & Spirit Social Hour 
- Conversation between Rabbi Weinstock & Rabbi Josh Lookstein
- Classes by Rabbi Haimoff and Rabbi Willig
- Annual Shavuot BBQ
- All-Night Learning
- Sunrise Service
Youth Tik Tok Torah & Ice Cream Party.
Wednesday, June 12 in Social Hall following Congregational Kiddush
Children young and old are encouraged to prepare and present a Dvar Torah, story, poem, or song in "Tik Tok" format. Family, friends, and the community are encouraged to gather to cheer them on and enjoy some ice cream. Prizes will be awarded. Contact Rabbi Saul to participate. Click HERE to see flyer.
Torat Nashim presented by Dr. Julie Stern Joseph & Marsha Zimbler
Thursday, June 13 @ 5:00 pm
“Na’aseh V’Nishma: All that God Has Spoken, We Will Do and We Will Understand.” Men and women are invited to study and celebrate at the home of Deborah and Marc Zimbler, 1740 Bay Blvd.
Neilat Hachag
Thursday, June 13 following 8:00 pm Mincha
Say farewell to Shavuot with refreshments and Divrei Torah from some of our college students including Alexandra Paul, Avery Sholes, Kira Jacobs, Cailey Erber.
Fri, June 14 2024 8 Sivan 5784